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Picross & Hanjie puzzle game

1.32 usd

Picross & Hanjie puzzle game**********************Have fun playing 200 original and logic picross puzzles**********************This game is the full version of Picross, Hanjie et Nonograms available at :
Added features are :- downloadable levels are automatically downloaded when available- no ad banner
A direct contact with the developper is possible in game if you have questions, suggestions or ideas.
Picross, Hanjie & Nonograms is a fun and addictive puzzle game.
- More than 180 levels- Choose to play with a directionnal pad or directly with your fingers- Choose to play in classic or time-penalty mode- Create and share your own levels with everyone !
*** Description ***
The purpose of this puzzle game is to discover the hidden picture in each level using your logic and the numbers on the sides of the level.Each number corresponds to a number of consecutive blocks that are part of the final drawing on the concerned row/column.When muliples numbers are written in a row/column, then multiple blocks are present on the final drawing, separated by at least one empty space
This game is also named picross, nonogram, logigram, logigraph, hanjie or griddlers.
Practice on 5x5 nonograms and then try the 10x10 ones and finaly the 15x15 ones.All the picrosses in this game are doable without playing randomly
Have fun and share your best times with your friends and your family!Train your brain with this nice puzzle game :)
*** Game content (24/11/2014)***
Picross, Hanjie & Nonograms includes :- 39 5x5 griddlers- 78 10x10 griddlers- 78 15x15 griddlers
and also :- a lot of additional picross/hanjie/griddlers that your can download for free !- a picross generator (5x5, 10x10 or 15x15) that will be playable for you and all the players!

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